Rare-ing to Go

As noted recently by the IPA’s Tim Wilson, the joyless, taste-deprived, freedom-hating puritans of Australia’s public health lobby are increasingly concerned that they are falling behind in the nanny stakes. The lead may very well be going to Britain, where ‘elf-‘n’-bloody-safety has been hijacked as a weapon to make the traditional Sunday roast as bland, tasteless, and leathery as can be:

It has been a staple of the British Sunday lunch for generations. But those who prefer their roast beef on the rare side could soon be locking horns with restaurants, which are overcooking their joints because of health-and-safety fears.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has revealed that several large pub chains are telling chefs  to serve beef ‘medium to well done’ – even though there are no official guidelines telling them to do so.

Whitbread Hotels and Restaurants, owner of the popular Brewers Fayre chain, says its joints should have an internal temperature of  80C – despite food safety guidance suggesting well-done roast beef is cooked at 75C.

Although the Food Standards Agency suggests that beef burgers and other minced-meat products should be cooked all the way through to eradicate the threat of bacteria such as E.coli, whole joints or steaks need only be seared around the outside to kill off unwanted bugs.
But hey, never can be too careful, right? This isn’t the first time the Prick has noted Britain’s war on rare beef, which is quixotic on any number of levels. Britain has only relatively lately thrown off its international reputation as the home of shoe-leather steaks, and this sort of thing is a reminder of the bad old days. As well, a country beset by a binge drinking epidemic should not make having a meal to absorb those subsequent fourteen or so pints unpleasant.
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5 Responses to Rare-ing to Go

  1. Pogria says:

    It is so sad what a lot of people are willing to do to a good piece of meat. One of my favourite cuts is a standing rib roast. With crispies!

    Because we have our own cattle butchered, I can indulge myself a couple or three times a year.
    When I do indulge, the one thing I NEVER do is invite guests to share said roast if they don’t take their meat rare. I will not cremate a good piece of beef for anybody.

    • chiefprick says:

      Agreed. I’d love to be able to do that sort of thing, but I think Marrickville Council is kinda persnickety when it comes to running cattle in an inner-west back yard.

      • Pogria says:

        When Marrickville was a mostly Greek enclave, you’d have been surprised what was kept in backyards.
        Did you receive my email regarding the geese?

  2. Meerkat says:

    here is little chance Britain could ever match Australia in the Nanny State stakes as we are the undisputed champions of the English speaking World, we lead in Cigarettes at prices that even NYC Mayor Bloomberg would faint at , Firecrackers, Compulsory Bicycles Helmets, Trivial Speed Limit breaches in Cars, a home built Berlin Wall for all swimming pools, Laws that literally state what you can “call!” a drink (even if you can afford it, which on my childless upper middle class income I think expensive) and now thanks to Nicola Roxon we’ve moved into food. Fast Food Outlets now “must” display the Kilojoules in their food, as far as I’m aware it’s not compulsory for Tetsuya’s yet but while anyone who lives more than 15Kms outside doesn’t dine there I’m sure it’s fine.

    The Brits however do beat us in Political Correctness, having just admitted their shameful past in a TV series like “Fawlty Towers” (A classic outside the US so not sure if The Chief Prick knows it) where the uneducated “might” misinterpret the irony and brilliant barb against mindless bigotry of “The Major” who when telling off a young person for racial insults about Indian Cricketers say “No! No! No! You can’t call these people “Niggers” that’s an outrage! These people are “Wogs”!”.

    Like the Ashes series I’m sure Julie Gillard and Nicola Roxon could see the cunning Pommy plot! They could see we are NOT the Nanny State leaders in food! Unlike the Scandinavians who know damm well that no parent should have their child exposed the Coco Coco Pops ad as all Parents are powerless while the child consumes Coco Pops day in and day.

    Julie Gillard and Nicola Roxon could see that once the Poms started on burgers and roasts they might move into other tradtional areas of Australian Nanny State dominance and with the Poms domination of Political Correctness we would lose in the Nanny State stakes.

    Perhaps they called Professor Simon Chapman, I’m not sure! However Australia’s Emily’s list’s were going to head off the Poms! Nicola Roxon set out to smash them on the politically correct front with changes to the Discrimination Act so just offending someone would land you in a Tribunal and guilty till proved innocent and even then you still foot the bill, that beats the Brits. Then Nicola’s Public Health department moved in with Olive Packs for Cigarettes and suggestions that we tax Soft Drinks.

    Oh F***king Brilliant!!! we top the Brit world for Political Correctness and the Scanenavian world for the Nanny State. Never let it be said that Gillard doesn’t make us world beater. (sarc) (in case you are brain dead and need that!)

  3. youcancallmemeyer says:

    My twice weekly feed of wagyu beef at my local Korean/Japanese restaurant will soon be banned.

    It’s not cooked at all – I think they just show it the hotplate to make it bleed.

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