Words of Wisdom

Ron Rosenbaum in the Wall Street Journal takes a big ol’ swing at the anti-fat crusaders who have become the mutaween of the American (and, by extension, Australian) palate:

Fear of fat has become a national sickness, an all-American eating disorder: Call it fatnorexia. Where is Uncle Toby from Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” lamenting that, under the oncoming reign of Puritan strictures, “there shall be no cakes and ale”?

Something deeper than concern for nutrition and cholesterol is going on here. You don’t have to be a Freudian (I’m not) to see in the antifat crusade a cowering fear of sexuality. The evil of oral pleasure as Satan’s tool of seduction, dating back to Eve, is deeply embedded in American culture. Recall Cotton Mather’s denunciation of the hell-bound wickedness of the pleasures of the flesh and his call for self-mortification (anticipating today’s egg-white omelets).

We live in a culture where food has become a symbol of imminent mortality, where Zagat reviews of high-end steakhouses tediously joke about the need to have “your cardiologist approve in writing,” variations of which are repeated practically every time a piece of meat is mentioned anywhere (“a heart attack on a plate,” “adding insult to arteries” and other super-clever jests).

Indeed. Rosenbaum goes on to suggest we ignore these ninnies and instead go roast a goose. Sound advice.

While we’re on the subject of vice, artist David Hockney has put pen to paper for the Guardian of all places, and produced a wonderful anti-anti-smoking rant which has some currency here in Oz, land of the plain-packaged ciggie:

The aim of the professional anti-smoker is to get rid of it. The press tells us “it’s not acceptable”. Well, it is for 10 million people, who probably don’t all read newspapers and have little to do with the political and media elite. So how come the professional anti-smoker is now an expert in packaging? Have you noticed that marijuana has quite good sales (they tell me) with no packaging whatsoever? Tobacco will be the same. Why does the government only listen to the anti-smokers who obviously natter and natter about it? My father was one of these anti-smokers, and they won’t be happy until it’s gone.

And once it is gone, they’ll come after something else — indeed, they already are, as anyone who likes a good steak or a drink knows. The Prick is not a smoker, and smoking is one of the few activities barred for life to the Little Pricks (the others being tattoos, motorcycles, and voting Green). But when it comes to fighting these modern secular Puritans, we’re all in it together.

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2 Responses to Words of Wisdom

  1. Hoddle Boulevard says:

    As an aside, I’ve often wondered why it’s considered OK to read a book but not OK to watch TV. Both involve hours sitting on your arse on the couch without exercise. Sure the book is good for the mind but as anyone who has seen 5 seasons of Breaking Bad will tell you, so is good TV.
    I suspect with the cultural gatekeepers, the idea of the book is more important than the story within.
    And so it is with approved foodstuffs, and where you get them, rather than any nutrition contained within.

  2. Bruce says:

    Last time someone tried to sell me some “green, leafy material” it came in a no-brand “zip-loc” bag. I’ve never touched the stuff; especially since an early encounter with a couple of folk who spent a vast amount of time and taxpayer handouts consuming the stuff: not pretty to watch.

    Unmarked “zip-locs” are probably the next move in “plain packaging” for tobacco products. Then it will be just like “chop-chop”, but taxed to buggery.

    “Clean-skin” beer, anyone?

    How about compulsory, health-department-linked browser loggers and computer-chair monitors?

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