Talking Food, Talking Freedom

Regular readers of this site know that, along with hipsters and Terry Durack, nothing offends the Prick like the near-Freudian obsession governments, bureaucrats, and “public health academics” have with what we mere mortals put in our mouths.

If you’re in Sydney, or will be on the weekend of 6-7 April, and likewise get offended by all the (largely taxpayer-financed) tut-tutting and finger-wagging endemic to Australian society, come by the First Australian Libertarian Convention. I’ll be on a panel Saturday morning (don’t worry, it’s not ’til 11) with such luminaries as ALP staffer-turned-author-turned-FBi Radio founder-turned-politician Cass Wilkinson and the IPA’s Tim Wilson. We’ll be kicking around the rise of the nanny state and, hopefully, coming up with some ideas for what we can do about it. See you there.

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