You Know You Live in the Inner-West…

… when the local free magazine hits your mailbox and the adopt-a-dog page features a pooch named Tumblr:


Seriously, though, congratulations to the folks at The Nest on their launch. It’s got the same look and feel – and may be a creature of the same people – as The Beast, which was always enjoyed back when the Prick lived in the Eastern Suburbs.

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4 Responses to You Know You Live in the Inner-West…

  1. Issue 2: Facebook is looking for a home, he follows you everywhere, will never let you completely forget your precious conversations, and will help you make a teenager out of every eighty-year old.

  2. Dan Hutton says:

    G’day Prick! Dan from The Beast here. I know the guys from The Nest and gave them a few tips about starting a publication but we do not have any official involvement in it. Strangely enough, the tie between the two publications is a little town called Leeton, but that’s a-whole-nother story. Glad you liked The Beast (we’ve got a little app these days if you feel the urge to reminisce). Hopefully the guys from The Nest can also entertain you!

    • chiefprick says:

      Hey mate, thanks for the note. I figured there had to be some nexis between the Nest and the Beast, so this explains it – I like the Nest but hope it moves beyond advertorial to having an enjoyable cast of characters like the Beast (a colleague lives in York Road and brings it in occasionally so I still keep an eye on what’s happening back there). I used to run a free weekly back in New York so I know the good times. Anyway, Beasties and Nesties, keep up the good work! Cheers

  3. Hey there Prick and Chief Prick….Scott from The Nest Magazine here. Thanks for the comments and appreciate the support. We’re all about supporting the local businesses and connecting them to the local residents. We love the Beast and what it stands for, but The Nest Magazine is a little bit different I guess, and we have had some great feedback from the locals just like yours. We have just gone onto the App Store as well, for everyone to download if they don’t fall within the areas of the Inner West or your letterbox was full! June issues is pumping down the printers as we speak! Cheers Scott

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