Tickets Held

Successful chefs, like successful politicians, generally possess healthy egos. Nothing wrong with that.

But is there a chef with a more monumental, Rudd-like self-regard than Sydney’s Mark Best? The latest edition of the otherwise brilliant Fool magazine asked 100 chefs and food writers to name “the world’s most underrated chef.”

No points for guessing Best’s answer:


Best is not a horrible chef but the Pricks have never understood the hype around his semi-eponymous Marque; our sole visit a few years back was fiddly and unsatisfying and suggested that despite his self-regard (“our nations [sic] most relentlessly progressive restaurant”, he touts on his website) the man has a lot to learn about the “hospitality” side of the hospitality business. A bit of humility wouldn’t go astray, either.

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3 Responses to Tickets Held

  1. I detest grammatical erorrs in signage or logos. But I guess he’s paid for his food and not his grammar.

  2. Mike Farrell (aka The Village Idiot (Reformed)) says:

    Bloody hell – just checked out his website. This guy doesn’t have tickets on himself, he is a megalomaniac like our beloved Kevin Rudd.

    He has a recipe book and advises that “Books purchased online will be personalised by Mark Best. Price: $79.95 AUD” Crikey – not just autographed, but personalised. Have to get me one of them when they’re remaindered at $9.99.

    Then this bit on the menu page takes the cake. “Due to environmental concerns Marque Restaurant no longer uses bottled mineral water. In this regard we have installed a chilled, filtered, carbonated water system. To support this initiative $5 per person will be added to every bill.” Haven’t they heard of a recycle bin for plastic mineral water bottles ??? At 100 covers per day, 6 days a week for 52 weeks that works out at $291,000 per annum. That would bloody well cover not only his water bill, but probably his electricity and gas !!!!!!

  3. Richard says:

    Yeah. I think he Sounds like a wanker.

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