Boxes Ticked

This story pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with the Sydney food scene at present:

East Sydney’s re-emergence as a dining hub will be boosted when former Marque head chef Pasi Petanen opens a restaurant in the Cafe Pacifico site on Riley Street at the end of the month …

It’ll operate a set menu, and Petanen is already planning a tribute to Cafe Pacifico’s Mexican past with his version of tacos, made with rye. He’s also working on another playful new dish.

”I’m calling it pho-tato,” he says.

Can’t wait.


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5 Responses to Boxes Ticked

  1. punkymoz says:

    *insert emoticon with one raised eyebrow and a wry smile*

  2. Free Advice says:

    What the Pho!

  3. Bob Colman says:

    Frigging tacos. Who gives a

  4. The wank is strong in this one.

  5. DMS says:

    Add ‘Doesn’t take bookings’ and you’re the carryover champ

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