FAP With Us!

Having nearly suffered an unfortunate case of head-explosion trying to sort out his Senate preferences on the NSW ballot paper, the Prick has decided what politics is missing is not another crazy single-issue party, but a crazy multi-issue party.

Ladies and gentlemen, join the Prick as we launch the Foie-tine Australia Party, or FAP for short.

Our manifesto is simple.

  • We are PRO foie gras, PRO martinis, and PRO anyone who shows up with another sack of ice.
  • We are AGAINST your neighbour’s sub-woofer, particularly if you weren’t invited to the party.
  • We welcome boat people, especially when they invite us out for a sail.
  • And our policy on carbon is simple: It belongs firmly encrusted on the outside of a ribeye, where God intended.

So come along. Join the fun.

FAP with us.

For a foie-tastic Australia.

This message authorised by Prick With a Fork, Inner-West Sydney.

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5 Responses to FAP With Us!

  1. Bob Colman says:

    Sign me up. I’ll bring the ice and a great bottle of something.

  2. anon says:

    I’m sure you looked up the definition of FAP before producing this post:


  3. Free Advice says:

    How about a handout or some kind of entitlement for single people once in a blue moon just so we can feel like everyone else! They dont seem to get anything.

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