Oh Sure, Blame it on the Booze

Thomas Kelly’s death last year at the business end of a bogan’s fist was a tragedy of epic proportions. And as too often happens with tragedies, the event was latched upon by opportunists of various stripes and held up as proof that Sydneysiders have too much freedom, that we should all be tucked up in bed by midnight (never mind Kelly was killed around ten pm), and that Australia’s extortionate booze taxes aren’t extortionate enough to prevent the scourge of binge drinking.

As details of his death emerge in court hearings, however, certain facts point to other cultural culprits. Like piss-weak policing:

CCTV reveals Loveridge walked around Kings Cross between 10.05pm and 10.50pm  and ran into football associate David Nofoaluma and said:  ‘‘I swear I am  going to bash someone tonight.’’

Over the next 45 minutes, he attacked three more men with unprovoked blows to  the head, and was given an infringement notice by police for behaving  offensively.

A ticket? For “behaving offensively”? As opposed to hauling him downtown and charging him with multiple aggravated assaults? Back in the Prick’s hometown of New York they have zero tolerance for this sort of thing and in similar circumstances Mr Loveridge would have spent his full 72 hours in the Tombs before possibly getting bailed or just as possibly being sent off straightaway for a holiday on Riker’s Island. And Thomas Kelly might possibly still be alive, because going out and getting punchy would simply not be seen as a viable entertainment for helots such as Loveridge.

If Sydney wants a nightlife culture that all can enjoy without fear of being set upon by some violent loser with a chip on his shoulder and a case of Vodka Cruisers under his belt, then don’t shut the bars or make us all drink out of sippy cups.

Crack down — hard — on the violent losers. And not just with the occasional high-profile weekend police blitz.

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10 Responses to Oh Sure, Blame it on the Booze

  1. Oh New York New York….stop spreading your views.
    Complex problems require a little more than this Prick – perhaps add to your discussion how ex-politicians ( such as Michael Photios) who are now lobbyists for the AHA have a distorted influence on how the grog flows in this town rather than going for the easy marks of the bogan brethren – even the top end of town (not that you can really call a member of the financial sector that – like to swing too.

    • chiefprick says:

      Yes, I saw the piece you’re referring to about the banker – and that fellow was arrested, as he should have been. But grog flows more, and later, and more cheaply (six packs for < $10 a every Korean bodega!) in NYC and there's nowhere near the mayhem. Culture matters.

  2. Bob Colman says:

    I know shit happens but for the coppers to see this guy, issue him with an infringement notice (whatever that is) and not be able to tell he was very pissed and dangerous seems a bit strange. Surely there are enough cameras and coppers around that part of town for someone to have been able to see something and prevent this lunatic killing the kid.

  3. Meerkat says:

    They are trying to turn this place into Perth where the wowser tactics of very high drink prices, very few places you can drink, micro management of drink service and very early closing has seen a City of just under 1 Million in 1983 grow to 1.7 Million today but with less night life than 30 Years ago and the place is just about closed by 10pm, the drink prices make Sydney look cheap and they still get heaps of street trouble, $550 fine on spot for street drinking but start a brawl you might just get away with a caution if no-one pushes charges, which they won’t as seeing the person who bashed you walk away smirking when they get a suspended sentence with no criminal record is pointless exercise and it saves the police work.

    Compared to say Korea, Thailand and European cities where drinks are quite literally a 1/4 of the price here, people often don’t go out till 11pm and I’ve seen quantities of drinks downed that would see you cut off service in the roughest bar in the outback and there are 100’s of places to drink open all night but very little violence.

    You start a fight in a bar in Korea and Police will attend instantly, they will persuade you to attend the Police station by beating you black and blue with batons, if you are stupid enough to give them lip it will be followed by a right kicking in the cells where you will be staying till you are bought before a court which might be days away if you swung a few punches on Friday and if you have a professional job it’s just been lost when they find out you’ve been charged.

    A zero tolerance of violence in bars clubs and the street is worth a go so that every person with a attitude gets the hint “swing a punch equals Jail time every time ven if it’s only the weekend lock up” otherwise we go down the path of Perth.

  4. The Usual Suspect says:

    I was pulled over by 8 cops (4 patrol cars and one bike) yesterday afternoon at 3.45pm for an RBT. Seriously.
    If those blokes were walking the streets between 10pm-2am it would be safer than breath testing during school hours.
    Waste of resources.

    • Bob Colman says:

      Late last week up in the Blue Mountains where I live, passing the other way on the highway were a bunch of about thirty Harley riders (didn’t notice whether they were Hells Angels, Nomads or whatever) trailed by seven marked and unmarked highway patrol cars and three motor bike coppers. Great use of resources!

    • chiefprick says:

      But it’s a lot less stressful dealing with middle-class drivers (I had a copper spend an hour a few months ago trying to find a way to defect my Volvo for God’s sake!) than it is violent thugs isn’t it?

      • Mmm What a racy bunch you foodies are – Blue Mountains, RBT, Hells Angels and Korean Bother beating the kimchi out of Kims – it’s a wonder there isn’t more GBH at Tets with you likely lads…but totally agree Prickly it’s a complete waste of Plod’s time finding a fault with a Volvo he should have dragged you down to the station by your curlies to examine your motives for driving one – I suspect you would have had to plead guilty to a crime against passion.

      • anon says:

        A Volvo?

        Hahahahahahaaha. That’s so ghey.

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