On a whim, added a tin of really nice anchovies to tonight’s lamb shank braise. For anyone thinking asking lamby lines, this is a good idea. Especially with a lot of red wine and stock in the pan (cooked down to make a sauce) and some ridiculously creamy pommes puree.


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8 Responses to Lamb-chovy!

  1. BigT says:

    Der! Always put anchovies into lamb shank braises (and in pockets for lamb legs/shoulders etc.). They melt and even the anchovyphobics don’t notice except to say how good it tastes.

    • chiefprick says:

      I know, I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure this out.

      • BigT says:

        Try a few in your bolognese – always reducing other salt. Don’t add to vitello tonnato – mistake! Lamb or ragus like bolognese are so strong that they “fit in” so to speak.

  2. youcancallmemeyer says:

    I love anchovies and sometimes try to sneak them into my famous (at our house) tuna pasta sauce. The sound of 3 harradins shrieking that I’ve over salted and ruined it again is often too much for me to bear.

    I appreciate that the flavour of the anchovies may melt away but do too many make it too salty?

    • BigT says:

      Little fish shoved in a barrel with a mountain of salt to cure are going to be – salty. If you have people who like less salt use less anchovies. The ones you save can be used as a snack while you sample a good red and are fabulous with whisky (or whiskey). BTW tuna pasta sauce sounds good – think I’ll try it.

  3. Free Advice says:

    Carrots are always hard to get right visually on a plate or in a dish.

  4. D4 says:

    Cuisine minceur? You on a diet? Anchovies are lush. Food of the Gods.

    • BigT says:

      Two Greedy Italians finished this week. Gennaro cooked “EasterLamb with peas” – 5 anchovy fillets. Later a stale bread “salad” had two. I think there’s a trend here.

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